Finance Mentors has many years of experience in the mortgage industry, helping hundreds of our clients make the right choice. Because of our wealth of experience, we are able to offer our clients advice on their mortgage needs and provide them access to the best options available from a large variety of lenders.

5 Quick steps to financial bliss!

1. Your Budget

Know how much you can afford! Its your income vs. expenses, we will then take care of the rest in ensuring you get even more than what you expected!

2. Your Loan

We assist with loan pre-approvals – then with negotiations with Real Estate Agents putting you in control to make your offer stronger than a “subject to finance” clause that can take a property off the market!

3. Consolidate

Why pay off more than one loan? It’s so much easier to save when you are able to keep track of your expenses. We’ll show you how to consolidate your debts, making it easier for you to save.

4. Redraw + Off-Set Account

Redraw, Redraw, Redraw: You pay everything into the loan, and then conveniently take it back when you need it, or, if one day you make your home and investment, all your money should go into a transnational Off-Set account. Remember, every dollar in the Off-Set account saves you interest on your loan to pay it off far quicker.

5. Pay it quick

Why wait? Sooner you pay it off, the more you save! We can help you pick repayment options and consolidate your income, helping you pay off your home loan, build equity and maximise your investment sooner!

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