Home Loans

We realise that finding the loan can be quite a daunting task, especially for new home buyers. But stress no more, as Finance Mentors can provide you with:

Standard Variable Loans

Flexible home loans to suit your needs and requirements. These include:

  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly repayment options via direct debit, transfer, direct salary etc.
  • LVR: Up to 110% of security value with Family Security
  • Term up to 40 years
  • Redraw facilities
  • Line of Credit +100% Transactional off-set accounts
  • No annual and monthly fees

Fixed Rate Loans

Manage your finances effectively by knowing exactly how much your repayments will be using a fixed term loan. These include:

  • LVR: Up to 110% of security value with Family Security
  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly repayment options
  • Fixed period of 1 – 5 years +
  • Loans can be split
  • Redraw facilities

Investment Loans

The right investment loan can help increase your wealth a lot faster than once anticipated. From rental income to purchasing a new investment property, we can help you get a better understanding of positive and negative gearing in order to increase your investment. This service includes:

Increase your equity

In addition to standard variable and fixed term loans, we can provide you with options that will help you decrease your home loan term by consolidating your income from sources such as wages, rental income, monthly tax concessions etc. Make an appointment and we’ll show you how to increase the equity in your home far quicker.

Equity Loans

Use the equity of your own home as security for your investment property without having to save money and deposits, in order to maximise returns from investments. These loans include:

  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly repayment options
  • Additional repayments
  • Loans can be split
  • Redraw facilities

Get a Quick Quote for an Investment Loan here.

Business Loans

We realise that every business is different, and thus your loan requirements will vary. Finance Mentors have tried and tested methods to help build your business and assist in its growth.

Each business, whether a self-employed individual or a company, have different needs, that require a different set of products. Our consultants have experience to help them provide our business clients with options that are purpose built for their loan requirements. In addition to Standard Variable Loans and Fixed Term Loans targeted specifically for businesses, we also offer other services including Lo Doc/No Doc loans and debt consolidation services.

Lo Doc

A Lo Doc loan can help any self employed individual or new company secure a loan of varying LVR’s of the value of property even without documents such as Tax Returns and other key financial statements.  Make an appointment today.


Do you want to free up some of the equity in your home for any worthwhile purpose?

This can be to further invest, purchase a vehicle or clear up some of those credit cards that have blown out.

Bad Credit Mortgage

There are many people who do have some issues with their credit reports. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get a loan.

Car Loans

We provide low cost car loans from a number of different lenders depending on your specific circumstances. We assess your profile first and place your car loan application with the most appropriate lender that will approve your loan and source the best interest rate and lowest repayments to suit you. Make an enquiry today.

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